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Show #1698 - 64 AQHA 238000 Amt Trail
Judge(s): Sonja Merkle
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Place Back# Horse Name Exhibitor Owner(s)
1182My Rods A Mary LouFlorence Schmoll - Biel/Bienne, CHFlorence Schmoll - Biel/Bienne, CH
2150Scotch NevadaJeannine De Gregorio - Beringen, CHJeannine De Gregorio - Beringen, CH
3147Willy Got The ChromeBarbara De Wit - Nürensdorf, CHBarbara De Wit - Nürensdorf, CH
4164Sure A Magic TouchMr Ivo Kupper - Eich, CHMr Ivo Kupper - Eich, CH
5126Huntin Lazy DreamsCorinne Gygax - Willisau, CHCorinne Gygax - Willisau, CH

Detail Scoring

Show #1698 - 64 AQHA 238000 Amt Trail
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