European Championship 2013 - Kreuth

Amateur Working Cowhorse

This picture shows our 2009 APHA brown tobiano mare "TFR Hollywood San Dee" at her very first cow clinic about 4 weeks before the European Championships in Kreuth. This was simply a test if she's willing to work on the cow as I had booked a 2-day VRH clinic with trainer Kay Wienrich later that fall. And I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the expensive clinic if she wasn't willing to go anywhere near a cow.

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Between this 1-day cattle clinic and the VRH clinic was the 2013 APHA European Championship, where Sunny was shown in the Futurity Reining by her trainer as well as in the Novice Reining by myself (where we finished 3rd!). As there were only 2 entries in the Amateur Cowhorse class I entered our filly in order to have the required 3 entries for the championship titles. I asked for a quiet cow and thought well, the arena is so big, the guys over there are going to give me an easy cow, if it doesn't work out we can quit early. But our entry will count and one of the other two, who were professionally trained amateurs with daily cattle access, will earn the title. I was in there just for the fun of it.

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Below you can see the video of the cow work portion of our run. The dry work was in the mid 60s under all five judges and I got out of the whole run with scores between 125 and 135, so I don't think that was too bad for a beginner like us ;-) 


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